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YAK MAT is the largest supplier of access mats in North America, specializing in providing access solutions for energy projects. Pioneering the industry since 1976, YAK MAT is the only temporary roadway company that owns and operates nationwide manufacturing facilities, offering clients economies of scale and a variety of ready-to-ship mats in close proximity to any project, anywhere in the United States.


Yak Mat has been around for 40+ years. The tradition of building mats began when founder, Brett Jones, started DixieMat. With years of experience in the timber business, Brett began building hardwood mats to support the construction and pipeline industries.
Dixie expanded throughout the years to become the largest mat producer in North America, owning sawmills across the country. Initially, Dixie used various wholesalers to support their demand, but in 2006 decided to become a direct source to the end user. This provided Dixie the capabilities to be more competitive on pricing and expanded their nationwide inventory.
With the on-going demand from both the midstream construction and transmission and distribution industries, Dixie merged with their long time partner, Beasley Forest Products-matting division in 2016. The two companies rebranded the matting company and is now known as YAK MAT.